How to Secure Your Home

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The simple reality is that break-ins, burglaries, and thefts do occur. For example, did you know that in the United States, there are well over 2.5 million burglaries annually?

Another interesting statistic is that up to 60% of burglars say that something as small as a home security sign placed in front of a house can prevent them from attempting to break in.

The bottom line is that you want to secure your family, home, and belongings. This article discusses home security systems and how to secure your home with these systems. In this case, we will talk about high-quality home security systems.

Securing a Home with a Home Security System

The best way to secure your home is with a high-quality home security system. However, not all home security systems will provide everything you need. In addition, your system should have various components, so let’s look at the different elements you want in a home security system.

Outdoor Cameras

A good security system should feature outdoor cameras, an excellent first line of defense. Many have motion sensors that will inform you directly of any motion around your home. They can record video as proof that someone was near your home.

Moreover, many systems have motion-activated lights or alarms to deter burglars before they ever enter your home. If you are inside, you’ll also be able to see if someone is skulking outside your house.

Doorbell Cameras

Another type of camera is the doorbell camera. Scammers and burglars may try to gain entry through the front door. This is often the case when people are home.

With a good doorbell camera, you can ensure that whoever is on the other side of the door is someone you want there.

A good doorbell camera may notify you via smartphone if anyone tries to break in through the front door. These are also convenient because you can see when deliveries arrive and when neighbors stop by, even if you aren’t home.

Indoor Cameras

Outdoor and doorbell cameras aren’t perfect, and wrongdoers may still gain entry into your home. Therefore, another good line of defense is an indoor camera that will allow you to see if there is any unwanted activity inside your home.

This can also be a good option if babysitters take care of your young children. An indoor camera can double as a nanny cam.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be installed inside or outside, although they are usually installed inside. If you don’t have cameras, these can tell you if there is motion inside your home.

However, there are drawbacks because they can be activated by any motion; your pets and children may trigger them. Therefore, it is recommended that you have cameras with motion sensors; when a sensor detects movement, you can see what is going on.

Door and Window Sensors

A home security system should feature window and door sensors. These are another line of defense if your cameras fail or if you don’t have cameras.

These will activate and inform you if any of your windows or doors open. But, of course, people may forget these are present and trigger a false alarm.

How to Secure Your Home

Alarms and Sirens

Another great way to secure both homes and businesses is using security systems with sirens and alarms, which usually have motion sensors that activate when triggered and cause a super-loud siren to sound.

This is usually enough to deter a burglar from further entering the premises. It’s also a great way to alert the surrounding area of something going on.

These alarms and sirens can be a part of both monitored and unmonitored security systems. That said, they are most commonly used with unmonitored systems. This is because burglars don’t want the attention that loud sirens bring.

Bright Light Deterrents

On that note, bright lights often work as well. Burglars like the dark because it keeps them hidden.

However, if you have a security system that activates super bright lights, burglars will likely take off.

Smoke Alarms

Burglars aren’t the only thing you need to worry about; fires happen as well. Therefore, a good home security system with a smoke alarm is essential. This way, if there is a fire in your home, the security system can automatically alert the fire department.

Flood Detectors

Although most home security systems don’t come with flood detectors, some do. So if you live in an area that sees a lot of inclement weather, this might be something to look for.

Alerts and Notifications

For your home to be totally secure, somebody needs to be paying attention when alarms go off. Therefore, you want to invest in a home security system that will automatically alert you on your phone if something is happening.

Most good home security systems will automatically alert the authorities as well. Read up on the differences between self-monitored and company-monitored security systems for more information.


The best way to secure your home is with a high-quality home security system that will include all or at least most of the features discussed above.

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