How to Install a Wireless Security Camera

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Good wireless security cameras are needed if you want to protect your home. However, when you buy a wireless security camera, it must be installed first. Yes, you can always hire a professional to install wireless security cameras for you.

However, professional installation can be pretty expensive. For this reason, you might want to install the cameras yourself. That said, installing a wireless security camera is not quite as easy as you might think.

This article discusses how to install a wireless security camera and get it working. There are a few steps to follow, which we will go into.

Make an Installation Plan

Whether installing a camera or building a shed, you need a solid plan.

First, identify the best places for your cameras. You want to ensure they cover the entirety of your home, especially the exterior perimeter.

Place outdoor security cameras on porches, outdoor stairways, driveways, at entry points, and on off-street windows.

You want locations that have clear lines of sight for the cameras. In addition, you want to ensure that all entry points onto your property and into your home are covered. And, security cameras obviously won’t function if their view is obstructed.

Purchase the Right Cameras

Wireless security cameras come with various features, and you want a setup that will work best for your security situation. Generally speaking, you want the camera to have a motion sensor to activate the camera when it senses motion and start recording footage.

This means that you need to have some kind of digital video recorder to record and store the footage. Some modern versions will use your smartphone as the central hub or even record directly to the cloud.

You may want to go for a more expensive model with a remote viewing feature that allows you to keep an eye on things even when you are not home.

Some outdoor security cameras have bright lights and sirens to deter burglars from coming further onto your property when they are detected.

The point is to determine what you need your wireless security camera to do and then see what features each model has before you buy. 

How to Install a Wireless Security Camera

Installing the Camera Mount

Most wireless security cameras can’t be screwed onto a surface. Instead, most of them come with little mounts that attach to a surface. The cameras can then be attached to these mounts.

Therefore, you need to find suitable locations. Solid and flat surfaces generally work best. The areas surrounding window and door frames work best for this. However, installing camera mounts on window frames and door frames may be difficult.

Take the template for the mount, and line it up where you want to place it. You may want to use a bubble level to ensure that it is even and straight. Then, use a pencil to outline where the mount will be placed. Next, use your power drill to drill pilot holes for the screws.

With the pilot holes drilled, you can attach the mounts to the wall. Hold the mounts in place and use the drill to insert the screws. Some may also come with mounting pins that need to be tapped into the surface with a hammer. Once the camera mount has been installed, move on to the next step.

Installing the Camera

Generally speaking, being wireless means not needing a cable to connect to the recording device. However, this does not apply to the power source.

Some wireless security cameras may need to be plugged into a power source, whereas others may not. Wi-Fi security cameras usually always require an AC power source. Therefore, when choosing the location for your cameras, consider if they need to be plugged in or not.

If the camera needs to be plugged in, now is the time to do so. If not, charge or insert new batteries.

Once your power source is sorted, attach the camera to the mount.

The model type will determine how the camera should be secured to the mounting device. Although, this is generally quite easily done. Installing the camera mount is the hard part.

Connecting the Camera to the Network

Connecting most modern wireless security cameras is quickly done. Generally speaking, you just have to install the required software and follow the indicated steps.

The exact process will depend on the model; however, generally, you need to connect the receiver (or your phone/computer) to your Wi-Fi, as well as the cameras.

Once everything is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the components should automatically detect each other. All cameras are different, so follow the directions in the owner’s manual.


Now, you should know how to install a wireless security camera around your home. For the best results, follow your owner’s manual, and if you have additional questions, there are YouTube tutorials on setting up this kind of security camera.

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