How Do Pet Cameras Work?

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If you have pets, they might require supervision at all times. This is the case if you are not home for much of the day. Most of us have to leave home to work for hours during the day. Pets, especially dogs, can get into trouble when left alone.

For this reason, many people get special cameras designed to help you keep an eye on your pet from afar. Of course, basic home security cameras can also serve as pet cameras, but a pet monitor can offer features designed specifically for pet monitoring.

Let’s discuss how do pet cameras work and examine the best pet cameras’ advanced features.

Pet Cameras Work With Wi-Fi, Apps, and Smartphones

First, pet cameras are designed to allow you to keep an eye on your pet from far. This means that they need to have some kind of connectivity. A good pet camera will enable you to easily connect to your Wi-Fi connection and allows the camera to connect to a specific app, which you install on your smartphone or tablet.

You can then use your smartphone as a monitor and control panel with Wi-Fi or a cellular data connection.

Most even have functions that can be remotely activated using your smartphone. As long as both your phone and the camera have an internet connection, you can monitor your pet no matter where you are.

Most Pet Cameras Come with Advanced Pet Detection

The best pet cameras come with advanced artificial intelligence that can detect pets. But unfortunately, explaining how this artificial intelligence can differentiate between pets and people is not something we have time for today.

That being said, you can rest assured that pet cameras can differentiate between people and pets. This way, if your camera detects your pet is moving, you will get an alert. However, if it’s just your significant other moving around, you won’t get a signal.

This pet detection feature is essential. You don’t want to constantly get alerts due to people and motion outside of windows. These intelligent pet detection features will only alert you if your pet moves but are smart enough to ignore other things that move.

Pet Cameras Can Detect Motion, Provide Alerts, and Record

Even if a pet camera does not have pet detection, the good ones can detect motion at the very least. This way, if the camera sees something moving around, hopefully, your pet, you will instantly get an alert.

Dogs and pets usually spend their time sleeping when their humans aren’t around. However, many get bored and do get into trouble. This way, if the camera sees your dog ripping a pillow apart, you will be notified.

The best pet cameras allow for motion detection recording. You won’t always have time to check your notifications as soon as they appear, and with motion detection recording, you can go back in time to see what your pet was doing.

This motion detection feature also works well as a security feature for your home. If someone tries to break into your home, the camera will see it and alert you.

How Do Pet Cameras Work

Pet Cameras Can Detect Sounds and Barking

Most home security systems can detect sounds. However, pet cameras usually take this one step further. For example, the best pet cameras have bark detection.

These cameras can distinguish between the bark of a dog and other sounds. This means that if your dog barks, you will be notified of it.

However, the camera won’t waste your time notifying you of the various other sounds happening around your home. This way, if you get a delivery or if someone knocks on your door and your dog barks, the camera will capture it all.

The best pet cameras come with audio detection or bark detection recording. This means that when your dog barks or there is sound in the home, the camera will automatically record.

Pet Cameras Can Record Footage in Various Ways

Most of us don’t have the time to check all of our notifications as soon as they appear. You certainly also don’t have the time to watch the live camera feed 24/7 while you are at work. Therefore, a good pet camera works by recording.

As mentioned, they will generally record when they detect motion or sound. You want to know how the camera records.

Some cameras record onto the cloud, whereas others onto a memory card. For the highest level of security, we recommend going for a model that records onto a memory card.

Many Pet Cameras Have Pet-Specific Features

The best pet cameras can keep your pet occupied. Some models allow you to dispense a treat for your pet whenever you see fit. There are quite a few pet cameras that come with these pet-specific features.


As you can see, a good pet camera will come with pet-specific features. For example, they should be able to detect when your dog barks, as well as when they move. It may also have features such as a treat dispenser.

As long as you can see and hear your pet and even talk to them, it should be enough. Now that you know how pet cameras work, you can decide whether or not this is something right for you.

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