How Do I Watch My Pet While I’m at Work?

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If you have a pet, you probably feel bad leaving them alone. Moreover, if it’s a young pet, such as a puppy, leaving it alone for prolonged periods can be a problem. However, pets of all ages can get into l trouble when they’re left alone.

Many end up ripping apart pillows and destroying belongings. Therefore, when you’re away from home for hours every day, you want a way to keep an eye on your pet. So, how do I watch my pet while I’m at work is a question you probably wondering. We will discuss how you can do this.

Using a Pet or Home Security Camera

The best way to watch your pet while you’re at work is with a good home security camera. Specifically, we’re talking about a pet camera. Home security cameras and pet cameras are pretty similar, if not more or less the same.

The only real difference is that pet cameras may come with unique features that can detect sounds and motion caused by pets.

A good pet camera or home security camera should have various features. Let’s look at the features you want a pet camera to have.

Features to Look For

There are eight features you want in a pet camera to keep an eye on your pet when you are at work.

1. High-Definition Video

One thing to look for is a high-definition video. Of course, a good pet camera needs to allow you to see what is going on.

If you have a low-quality and grainy video feed, you aren’t going to be able to tell what your pet is doing. Therefore, we recommend going for something that has at least 1080P full HD video quality.

2. A Wide Viewing Angle

Another thing to look for is the viewing angle of the camera. Generally speaking, the wider the viewing angle, the better. We recommend a viewing angle of at least 110 degrees.

This way, you can set the camera in a corner and see the whole room. If the viewing angle is too narrow, your pet may be able to move out of viewing range.

3. Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

There are additional features to look for in a good pet camera. Generally speaking, you want to be able to pan and tilt. This allows you to use the camera to follow your pet around no matter where they move.

If you have an advanced camera with motion sensing, the camera will follow your pet around. The other thing to look for is a zoom function. However, most pet cameras don’t allow you to zoom in, but the best do.

How Do I Watch My Pet While I’m at Work

4. Night Vision

You aren’t always going to be home during the night, and a camera with night vision allows you to monitor your pet in low-light situations. Therefore, looking for a high-quality infrared night vision model is recommended.

5. Two Way Audio

Perhaps the most crucial feature to look for is two-way audio, which will allow you to hear what your pet is doing. Moreover, it will enable you to talk to your pet.

This can help decrease separation anxiety. Furthermore, if your pet is causing trouble, you can also give them discipline and direction.

6. Motion Detection and Alerts

Another crucial feature to look for is motion detection. All good pet cameras and home security cameras should have this feature. They will automatically alert you on your smartphone when something moves. For example, dogs will usually sleep most of the day when alone. However, if they move around and start causing trouble, a good pet camera will alert you of this.

7. Motion Detection Recording

Motion detection recording is a more advanced feature; the camera will start recording video when it detects motion.

This is ideal if you can’t always check your notifications or alerts as they appear. You can go back in time to see what happened during the day.

8. Sound and Bark Detection and Alerts

The last feature to look for is audio detection and even bark detection. A good camera will pick this up when your dog barks and provide you with alerts.

Some advanced models may start recording automatically when they detect your dog barking. When a dog barks, it always means something, and you want to know about it.


With a good pet camera that includes the above features, you can easily keep an eye on your pet while you are at work.

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