Cost of a Home Security System

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Safety, security, and peace of mind are vital for you and your family. Unfortunately, the fact is that break-ins and burglaries happen more often than we would like to admit. One of the best ways to keep your home safe is a good home security system.

With that being said, home security systems are not free. Some might come at affordable prices, whereas high-end units might be costly.

We will discuss the cost of a home security system, including the various factors to consider when buying it and how they influence the overall cost.

The Average Cost of a Home Security System

Generally speaking, there are three main costs for a home security system to consider: the cost of the equipment and the security system itself, the monthly subscription cost, and the installation cost.

You are looking at around $200 for the security system itself on the low end. However, these costs can increase significantly with high-quality systems that come with a litany of components. An extremely advanced home security system might cost you anywhere from $600 to $2,000.

Moreover, some companies don’t have any subscription fees, whereas most do. Finally, in some cases, you may be able to install the system yourself, which is free. That said, a high-end system will usually require professional installation.

So let’s take a closer look at all three factors and what they will add up to.

Cost of a Home Security System

Equipment Costs

Perhaps the most significant factor is what the home security system entails. You might be able to find a very low-end or basic home security system. These will generally cost from $150 to $350 or $400 at most.

These will generally come with basic components, including the central hub or keypad, a few door or window sensors, a motion sensor, a siren, and more. At this price point, you might expect some sort of indoor or doorbell camera.

However, if you are looking for a home security system with more components, you will, of course, have to pay for them. Some higher-end security systems come with various doorbell cameras and indoor cameras, many motion sensors, doorbell sensors, and more.

More comprehensive packages may have smoke and fire detectors, flood and freeze detectors, and emergency medical bracelets. The more components the system has, the more expensive it will be. Some extraordinarily comprehensive and high-end security systems may cost anywhere from $600 to $2000.

Keep in mind that not only does the quantity matter, but also the quality of the components.

Being able to get alerts and notifications on your smartphone and control the unit remotely is beneficial. However, this feature is not free.

Installation Costs

In addition, consider the installation costs of the system. Depending on the company and the extent of the installation required, you might spend up to $200. With that being said, most services will install a system for around $100 or less.

Some companies might offer free installation for purchasing a higher-end system. However, there are many home security systems you can install and activate on your own that will save money. However, high-end systems will often require professional installation.

The Monthly Cost

Monthly monitoring is not free. Most providers will charge from $25 to $50 per month. However, some home security systems might offer a few months or even a free year if you purchase a high-end system.

There are also home security systems that don’t have monitoring, saving money. However, in an emergency, professional monitoring of your system is ideal. This way, if you don’t react to an alarm or an emergency, the professionals can do it for you.


You can expect to spend $150 to $400 on a decent security system, up to $200 in installation costs, and between $25 and $50 monthly for monitoring.

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