Are Cameras for Pets Worth it?

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If you leave a pet alone during the day while you’re absent, you might consider getting a pet camera. Think of a pet camera like a nanny camera, but for your pets instead of your kids. They’re cameras that connect to your Wi-Fi system, letting you use your smartphone for remote viewing.

These pet cameras often come with special features such as night vision, two-way audio, and various motion and audio alerts. That said, you’re likely wondering whether these cameras for pets are worth it.

After all, these pet cameras cost money, and whenever anything costs money, you have a decision to make. So let’s determine are cameras for pets worth it.

How Much do Pet Cameras Cost?

Before we talk about the benefits of pet cameras, let’s discuss how much they cost. On the lower end, you can expect to spend anywhere from $20 to $40.

These lower-end pet cameras have basic features. They generally allow you to view what is going on in your home, and they have two-way audio.

On the higher end, you might spend anywhere from $40 to $100 for a pet camera with more advanced features. Of course, they will have the basic features, plus advanced audio and motion detection, and perhaps even bark detection. In addition, some may come with pet-specific features, such as treat dispensers. So, is getting a pet camera worth it?

Benefits of Pet Cameras

To determine whether a pet camera is worth it for you, let’s look at its various benefits.

1. Give You Peace of Mind

One reason to consider getting a pet camera is to provide you with peace of mind. You might have a pet with an illness or is just very old. For instance, some dogs suffer from epilepsy. If you are gone, and your dog has a seizure, you won’t be able to see it.

However, with a pet camera, you will be able to catch that seizure as it occurs. This is just one example of how a pet camera can be helpful if you have a pet with an illness. Moreover, some people just don’t like the idea of their pets being alone all day.

As you can see, a pet camera can provide peace of mind in more ways than one. Simply put, it allows you to keep an eye on your pet; sometimes, these pet cameras are more for us than they are for the pets themselves.

2. They Keep Your Belongings Intact

Another reason you might consider getting a pet camera is if your animal is a troublemaker. Perhaps you have a very energetic dog with a destructive streak. Maybe you just got a new puppy that hasn’t been trained yet.

Whatever the case, dogs and cats alike tend to destroy things around the house. If you’ve ever gotten a new puppy, you’ve probably come home to various pillows and belongings totally shredded. With a pet camera, you can catch your pet in the act.

Then, using the two-way audio, you can verbally discipline them. For example, a pet camera might be able to stop your pet from ripping your house apart. Your pet might not be able to see you, but they’ll hear you disciplining them.

Are Cameras for Pets Worth it

3. They Allow for Communication

Pet cameras allow for communication. As mentioned above, two-way audio enables your pet to hear your voice.

In some cases, this might be beneficial for dogs or cats suffering separation anxiety, in which case simply hearing your voice can calm them down. In other words, a good pet camera can keep your pet from being too lonely during the day.

4. They Can Entertain Your Pet

Pet cameras may also entertain your pet; however, this will depend on the model you have. Some units come with treat dispensers, and others may have a radio or other entertainment function. But, hey, pets get bored too.

5. Pet Cameras Aren’t Just for Pets

These cameras can be used for more than just pets. For example, they can help protect your home from burglars due to their motion-sensing capabilities.

Moreover, you can also see what your kids and the babysitter are up to. Generally speaking, these pet cameras can act as general home security cameras.


We think that a pet camera is worth it for various reasons when it comes down to it. However, they are not necessary in all cases. For example, if you have a very well-behaved and adjusted animal and you aren’t gone for full days, it might not be suitable for you.

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